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In a well-functioning At GeekPeek, our team is a diverse blend of passionate tech enthusiasts, creative minds, and problem solvers. With a shared love for technology, we are committed to exploring the endless possibilities it offers. From experienced developers to visionary leaders, each member of our team contributes a unique perspective that drives our mission forward.


Founder & CEO

Deepak Suthar


Chief Technical Officer

Chandrashekhar Mishra


Senior Software Engineer

Vijay Pal


Software Engineer

Yashwant Vaishnav


UI & UX Engineer

Deepak Bohra


Frontend Engineer (React)

Harish Suthar

Unlocking Tech Connections Join Us on a Journey of Innovation and Exploration

+91 86196 22106 +91 76659 18203
1-C-315 K.B.H.B Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342005
info@geekpeek.in deepak@geekpeek.in
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A successful team beats with one heart, and its pulse is the rhythm of collaboration.

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