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Grow your career at GeekPeek – IT job offers for software developers

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We’re actively recruiting for a range of exciting positions, each with its unique set of responsibilities and clear career path. Explore our current IT jobs below and discover the role that best aligns with your skills and aspirations. We are waiting for you!


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How do we proceed with your application?


Resume review


HR interview


Technical interview


Coding session



Resume review

First, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Vijay, will carefully review your CV and assess whether your experience and skills align with our expectations for the particular software developer job.

HR interview

If your application turns out to be a good fit, Vijay will reach out to you to schedule an online interview. It is an ideal opportunity to discuss your experience and expectations in greater detail.

Technical interview

During this phase, we evaluate your technical expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving skills. Usually, a senior specialist or team lead conducts the interview, during which they may ask about your experience with the required tools and technologies. Also, don’t be surprised if they inquire about a solution to a hypothetical scenario. We just want to ensure you can deal with the challenges that await you.

Coding session

After assessing your technical knowledge, we would like to further evaluate your compatibility with software development job requirements by requesting a sample of your work during a coding session with our technical team. We are excited to see you showcase your skills in action!


Assuming you ace both interviews and in the case of software engineers also a final coding check, Vijay will send you a contract draft. Sign it, and voila – you are officially on board.

Benefits for hires

We recognize the importance of the working environment. That’s why we offer a variety of perks and benefits to support your development.

Remotely or on-site

Are you a home-office fan? Or maybe you love face-to-face collaboration and cannot imagine a day without your teammate? You can select the work mode that best suits your preferences.

Flexible working hours

You have the freedom to adjust your work to your daily rhythm. Need to run some errands during office hours? It’s not an issue as long as you complete your tasks on time and don’t block your teammates. Enjoy the flexibility!


Your hard work and expertise deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. Do not doubt that your efforts toward making GeekPeek an effective company will be honored with an attractive salary.

Paid vacation

Keep a healthy work-life balance – take advantage of your days off whenever you like. Feel free to unwind on the beach, knowing your teammates will handle everything while you are away. .

Private healthcare

Your health is our top priority, which is why we provide you with access to Lux Med’s private healthcare program to safeguard your well-being. Forget about waiting in lines.


We ensure that every GeekPeek member has a clear career advancement path. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enhance your skills and climb the seniority ladder with the help of your colleagues and funds for training, conferences, and other educational resources.